Row and Stitch Counter


  1. Enter the number of your cast on to get started.
  2. Before you begin your rows, enter your row #.
  3. After you add your row #, enter the # of stitches to knit for this row. This will create your row grid.
  4. If you aren't finished with your row, enter the # stitches you've completed so you know how many remain when you come back.
  5. Click on a square to enter stitch details using the key to write the pattern knit, purl, k2TG, slipslipknit.

Additional Pattern Details


Main Color: {{mainColor}}

Alternate Color: {{altColor}}

Alt Color Stitch Numbers: {{altColorStitches}}

add alternate color stitches to grid remove last color row added


knit = k

purls = p

Increase = i

Decrease = d

K2TG = t

SSK = s

Current Row #

Working on #:


# To Knit

Recent rows added: {{count}}

(Row #:{{n + 1}})


# Knitted

(Row #:{{n + 1}})